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The Serpukhov district

The Serpukhov district is the municipal formation which is situated in the south of the Moscow region of Russia. The Serpukhov district was formed inside the Moscow region's structure in the 12 July 1929. The population is 33734. The Serpukhov district is located in the south part of the Oksko-Moskvoretskaya valley at the Nara river not far from the place where it flows into the Oka river. Have an area of 1016 km2.
The Serpukhov district is situated in 75 km to the south of Moscow and 80 km from Tula, with which it's connected by railway and motorway.
Administrative center - Serpukhov (it's not a part of the district structure).
The head of the Serpukhov district - Alexander Shestun.
The first people at the territory of the Serpukhov district appeared at about 10000 years ago, in the Mesolithic period. The rapid rates of development began in the Middle Ages, the towns appeared along the rivers.
The leather manufacture appeared in Serpukhov and its area in the XVII-XIX centuries, then they were replaced by weaving mills.
13 schools, 4 elementary school-kindergartens and 6 kindergartens, 2 colleges are working in the Serpukhov district.
Industry and Farming
- «DHVS» (fast food)
- «Vifitech» (pharmaceutical company)
- «Keramzit» (gravel and clay powder)
- The brickfield
- «National biotechnologies» (pharmaceutical company)
- «Vintech Plastic» (pipes and profile from PVC)
- «Vitra-plitka» (ceramic tile)
- «Vitra-santechnika» (sanitary equipment)
- «Dashkovka» (it grows vegetables)
- «Keush» Company (the farm breeds rabbits)
- «Russian Straus» Company (farm growing ostriches)
- Science center of applied microbiology and biotechnology
- Science-research center of toxicology and sanitary regulation of biopreparation
- The volleyball team «Nadezhda» is in the major league of Russia.
- The sport palace «Nadezhda» (with developed arm wrestling and powerlifting)
- The minifootball club «Molodaya Gvardia» is in the major league of Russia.
- The dance sport club «Okadance»
- The motor racing base «Krasnie krilia» (one of the best speedway for competition in motor racing in Russia)
- The skiing base (skis, skirollers)
- The superlight aviation club (motoparagliding)
- Two equestrian sport clubs
Tourism, sightseeing
- The oxygen resort «Drakino»
- The sport airfield «Bolshoe Grizlovo»
-The Prioksko-Terrasny State Nature Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO) - the place of breeding aurochs. It's attended by 50000 tourists annually.
- The temple of the nativity of the Mother of God in the Podmoklovo village.
- The belfry in the Ivanova Gora village (79.5 meters)
- Serpukhov (was found in 1339) is located in the center of the Serpukhov district, there are great number of numerous sightseeing (cloisters, temples).

The aim of brotherhood
Serpukhov district has just begun developing brotherhood relations with various regions. Nowadays we have the collaboration agreement with Makarevskiy district (Russia) and also we have the agreement of brotherhood relations in stage of signing with Suss (Tunisia), we're on friendly terms with since 2010.